Stories Squirrel Kowabunga!!!!! • Kelly Chien • 2008-06-07
Riparian Entertainments






riving to work a couple days ago i saw a little grey squirrel run out into the road, right in front of the car ahead of me. Of course i assumed there'd be squirrel splat in a half a moment. But no! The squirrel jumped up and grabbed on to the side of the tire. The centrifugal force sent it flying forward into the other lane, where it bounced off the radiator grill of an oncoming car. It rolled across the road back towards the tire of the first car. It jumped again just in time to bounce off of that car's tire and across the lane into oncoming traffic again. It jumped again, grabbing that car's tire, which threw it into my windshield.

e spent a few seconds looking into each other's eyes, both of us breathing heavily.

hen it leapt off my car onto another car coming at us, then off that car and finally from there onto the far side of the road.


nd i thought my daily commute was bad!