Stories Versioning Nomenclature • Kelly D. Chien • 2008-05-07
Riparian Entertainments






ne particular day while seated around the lunchroom table, we decided that we needed a better system for naming and tracking the various releases and bug fixes of our software suite. We had been using a simple sequential numbering system but it was difficult to correlate the meaningless numbers with major releases of the various features. We had thought that a system like V2.3.18 might work, but it seemed a bit dull and ordinary.

hen we were suddenly inspired by Ubuntu's naming scheme. Theirs seemed a bit on the happy side and slightly inappropriate for our current mood. Therefore we ended up creating this list for our needs, grabbing the next alphabetical name for each major release:

  • achy armadillo
  • bitchy baboon
  • cranky crocodile
  • downer duck
  • edgy egret
  • flatulent fish
  • grumpy groundhog
  • hurting horse
  • itchy iguana
  • jealous jaguar
  • karmaless kitten
  • lumpy lemur
  • moldy muskrat
  • noxious newt
  • ominous otter
  • punctured porcupine
  • quaking quail
  • rabid racoon
  • stunted stallion
  • troubled termite
  • ugly umbrellabird
  • vitriolic vulture
  • wilted walrus
  • xerodermic xylophage
  • yelling yak
  • zymogenic zebu